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Michael Hall mik3hall at
Sat Feb 15 06:00:04 PST 2014

I have had partial success on this based on this Stack Overllow post…

I had updated my _40 era jdk build to a nice new 1.7.0_51-b13 which had unfortunately done me no good.
So I added a 
to the JDK rt. jar 

I had set up a standalone java engine lister that now shows…
java Engines
ScriptEngineFactory Info
	Factory class:class apple.applescript.AppleScriptEngineFactory
	Script Engine:AppleScriptEngine (1.1)

	Engine Alias: AppleScriptEngine
	Engine Alias: AppleScript
	Engine Alias: OSA
ScriptEngineFactory Info
	Factory class:class com.sun.script.javascript.RhinoScriptEngineFactory
	Script Engine:Mozilla Rhino (1.7 release 3 PRERELEASE)

	Engine Alias: js
	Engine Alias: rhino
	Engine Alias: JavaScript
	Engine Alias: javascript
	Engine Alias: ECMAScript
	Engine Alias: ecmascript

Unfortunately jrunscript still just shows…
runscript -q
Language ECMAScript 1.8 implemention "Mozilla Rhino" 1.7 release 3 PRERELEASE

maybe needs a reboot or something? I don't know yet but if it works from Java it's good enough for my purposes.

So, this seems a bug. Why have the code and no way to discover it? Shouldn't there be a change in the build process for this? Has it already been bug reported?

Meanwhile, I was still thinking about grabbing the source and setting up something on github with a dylib/jar pair that developers could add to their projects 
to get this scripting engine without hacking JDK/JRE's. Seem a reasonable idea?

I'm not sure if Robert Palmer and Alan Bateman somehow just missed out on this problem or had a easier or better solution? If so I'd be interested in hearing it.

Michael Hall

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