what's John doing?

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Sat Jul 19 14:45:52 PDT 2008

Hello, colleagues.  This month I'm hammering on method handle code in  
the JVM.  I'll do a checkpoint (push of partially working code) to  
the repo. in a few days.

(As a second priority, I'm also working on a mixed array data  
structure.  The refactoring part of that code is out for review here:
   http://webrev.invokedynamic.info/jrose/6711911.layout/ )

The JSR 292 EDR period has quieted down, but we should get another  
wave of comments when the method handles code goes public, because  
people will want to at least read the javadoc for the Java APIs and  
help make it better.  I have taken to heart the suggestions that  
MethodHandle and MethodType be concrete classes instead of interfaces.

I'm using NetBeans to develop the Java code that works with the JVM  
(java.dyn.MethodHandle, etc.)  Since this code must go on the boot  
class path, I had to convince NetBeans to run its JUnit testing with  
funny JVM arguments.  The tips are here:

If you come up with similar workaround on Eclipse, please add it to  
the wiki there.  (Wiki registration is free; write access is  
available on request, because an administrator--yours truly--has to  
upgrade your wiki id to editor.)

As I relearn all the calling sequence paths in HotSpot, I'm putting  
out notes on what I find.  You might enjoy the HotSpotInternals wiki  
pages I've added recently:

The Da Vinci Machine Project wiki has (or should have) a page for  
each current or proposed subproject.  I just dumped some design notes  
into the method handles page:

If you are working on another subproject (Lukas, Arnold?) please use  
the wiki page like you use that never-fully-erased whiteboard in your  
office.  You know, the one with all the interesting design notes, the  
one that gets added to every time you have an interested colleague  
come by on the way to the coffee pot.

In general, as you learn your way around the code, please (!) add  
your discoveries to the wiki, while they are fresh to you.

Best summer wishes,
-- John

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