Happy International Invokedynamic Day!

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 2 15:33:14 PDT 2008

Thanks, folks, for the encouraging comments and build reports.

As you probably saw, I updated the patches with some bug fixes and  
cleanups, and a good separation between the three feature  
(subproject) layers of AnonymousClasses, MethodHandles, and  

This newest version is also integrated against the hotspot-comp  
baseline (in OpenJDK).  For the millions of JVM code readers out  
there (I prefer Dostoevsky or Austen, personally) I put up webrevs  
for all three layers, with light commentary, here:

Anonymous class loader (1KLOC):

Method handles (6KLOC):

The invokedynamic instruction (4KLOC):

LOC (lines o' code) measurements are from "wc *.patch".

Note that the webrevs differ slightly from the mlvm patches, since  
they are based on slightly different JVM versions; the webrevs are  
based on the latest code from hotspot-com.  I'm waiting for the main  
repo. to get tagged before I rebase the mlvm patches.

-- John

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