[modules-dev] Review request for JRepo changes

Dave Bristor David.Bristor at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 6 16:16:19 PDT 2008

Hi folks,

I have a webrev which addresses several changes:


6590185 (jrepo) Installing a module via repository management tool should 
check its dependencies

6593310 (jrepo) "list" command should sort repository contents

6605083 (jrepo) add "validate" subcommand

6723138 Change LocalRepositoryTest to not check read-only-ness on Windows

6727572 Remove percmission checks from RepositoryConfig

There are tests for the first three only.  The test for sorting repository 
contents is in JRepoTest.  The "validate" command and install-time checking 
have new tests.

While making changes to jrepo, I changed the way it provides help.  There's a 
new command, so "jrepo help" shows all commands.  Each command takes "-h" to 
provide help on its own options.  If command is recognized but is arguments 
are not, help is again provided on just that command (e.g. "jrepo list 
-fred").  If the command is not recognized, help is given for all commands 
(e.g. "jrepo womble").

I removed the ability to specify platform binding from the jrepo dependencies 
command, and did not add it to validate either:  Both of these ultimately rely 
on the module initialization code, which needs a ModuleDefinition, which a 
Repository will only provide for the current platform.  We can revisit this 
later, if needed.

If review can be completed by COB Thu/7, I'll do a putback this week, 
presuming there are no difficulties integrating with other incoming changes. 
Otherwise it'll be after my vacation.


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