[modules-dev] JPRT: [sfbay] job notification - success with job 2008-05-27-234109.ksrini.jsr277_push-ksrini

jprt-admin at sun.com jprt-admin at sun.com
Tue May 27 17:51:05 PDT 2008

JPRT: [sfbay] job notification - success with job 2008-05-27-234109.ksrini.jsr277_push-ksrini

JPRT Job ID:            2008-05-27-234109.ksrini.jsr277_push-ksrini
JPRT System Used:       sfbay
JPRT Version Used:      1.0: (2008-04-29) Case of the Misguided Missile
Job URL:
User:                   ksrini
Email:                  modules-dev at openjdk.java.net
Release:                jdk7
Job Source:             Source Tree:
File List:              {.}
Exclude List:           {build}
Command Line:           jprt submit -n -noqa -nosp -email
  modules-dev at openjdk.java.net -m
  /u/ksrini/test277-2008-5-27-4-30/comment.txt -id jsr277_push-ksrini -ot
  '.*i586.*product.*' -rtests '*-*-c2-java/module' -stree .
Job submitted at:       Tuesday May 27, 2008 16:41:10 PDT
Total time in queue:    1h 09m 55s
Job started at:         Tuesday May 27, 2008 16:43:12 PDT
Job finished at:        Tuesday May 27, 2008 17:51:05 PDT
Job run time:           1h 07m 53s
Job state:              success
Job flags:              
Bundles:                USE: jprt install

NOTE: Zip files containing exe or dll files on windows have had problems with
execute permissions. You may need to 'chmod a+x' the windows exe and
dll files.

User Comments:


Build (Release:jdk7 Boot:<jdk6fcs> Import:<jdk7>):
solaris_i586_5.10-product                        success(11m 58s elapsed)
linux_i586_2.4-product                           success(11m 59s elapsed)
windows_i586_5-product                           success(27m 47s elapsed)

solaris_i586-product-c1-jvm98                    success(02m 22s elapsed)
solaris_i586-product-c2-jvm98                    success(01m 53s elapsed)
linux_i586-product-c1-jvm98                      success(02m 06s elapsed)
linux_i586-product-c2-jvm98                      success(02m 41s elapsed)
windows_i586-product-c1-jvm98                    success(01m 57s elapsed)
windows_i586-product-c2-jvm98                    success(01m 49s elapsed)
solaris_i586-product-c2-java/module              success(03m 45s elapsed)
linux_i586-product-c2-java/module                success(04m 51s elapsed)
windows_i586-product-c2-java/module              success(05m 23s elapsed)

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