How to file bugs against Nashorn

Jim Laskey (Oracle) james.laskey at
Wed Dec 4 06:31:25 PST 2013

Now that Nashorn is getting ready to ship, I thought it would be a good idea to explain how to file bugs against Nashorn.

The MOST IMPORTANT STEP YOU CAN TAKE when filing a bug is to help us isolate the root cause.  If you have a million line program that crashes after 2 hours and you pass it to us and just say "it crashes", inevitably the bug will be deferred until we can find the time to isolate the issue ourselves (or will pass it back to you to ask for more information.).  You know your code best.  You are the best resource available to zoom in on the problem.  Isolated code snippets are perfect, but we know some problems are not easily isolated.  Just reduce the problem to the smallest test case you can.

If you have a recommended fix or patch - GREAT.

And thirdly, if you have a test case that can be added to the regression suite - GREAT.  Look at the preexisting examples in ./test/script/basic/, and model from there.

Mark Reinhold generally described the reporting process for JDK bugs  in .  

The long-awaited bug database is online and open for business:

An overview of the system is available here:

If you hold the Author, Committer, or Reviewer role in at least one
OpenJDK Project then you can modify existing issues and create new
issues.  Your username is your OpenJDK name [1] and your password
is the same as for the OpenJDK Wiki [2].  If you have not yet set
your password then please use the password-reset page [3].

If you do not hold a role of Author or higher then you can still
browse and query the system anonymously.  Please continue to submit
new issues via the existing reporting page [4].

If you have difficulty resetting your password or otherwise using
the system then please contact help at

My thanks to Brian Beck, Joe Darcy, Tony Squier, and Tiep Vo for
all the hard work -- both technical and bureaucratical -- needed
to get this system up and running.


- Mark


For Nashorn specifically, here are the details.

If you are a member of OpenJDK ( then you should use and follow these steps;

• log in with your e-mail address and password
• Click on "Create Issue" in the upper right . A "Create Issue" form will appear.  Use the following information to fill out the form

Project: "JDK"

Issue Type: Select either "Bug", "New Feature" or "Enhancement"

Priority: Set as you choose, but we will change the priority to fit the Project as a whole

Assignee: Will be set by us

Security Level: Used internally

Summary: Fill in a short but concise description of the issue. "Nashorn crashes" is not useful. "Crash while using X" is better.

Description: More detailed description of the issue; steps to reproduce, code snippets, expected results, actually results.  

Component/s: core-libs

Subcomponent: jdk.nashorn

CPU: generic (unless only reproducible on a specific CPU/Platform) Since Nashorn is pure Java code, platform specific issues are rare.

OS: generic (see CPU)

Environment: leave blank (see CPU)

Affect Versions: 8

Introduced In Version: Unknown

Introduced In Build: None

Due Date: leave blank

Linked Issues:  leave blank, unless you are sure it relates to another bug

Attachment: Anything and everything needed to reproduce the bug; source, outputs, picts, scripts, ...

Labels: leave blank

• Click on "Create" 

That's it.  You will receive notifications when things change.  Follow comments.  If there are workarounds they will be posted there.

If you are not a member of the OpenJDK then you should use and follow these steps.

• Read the steps on the page.  If you can't find the information you are looking for then...
• Check off "Check this box to indicate that you understand this is not a place to receive support. If you need a solution, please visit Oracle Java SE Support instead."
• Click "Start a new Report"
• In the new page, read the steps.  If that does not solve your problems, then...
• Fill out the form

Type: Bug or RFE

Product/Category: Java Platform Standard Edition (JDK/JRE)

Subcategory: Problems common to more than one tool (tools) - I have a request in to add (scripting), so this may change.

Release: 8

Operating System: your choice

• Fill in the next form using the member form above as a model.  Make sure you put "Nashorn:" at the beginning of the Synopsis.

• Click submit

You'll receive confirmation e-mails as teh bug progresses through the system.


-- Jim

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