JDK8 cleanups?

Bernd Eckenfels ecki at zusammenkunft.net
Tue Feb 4 15:02:32 PST 2014


not sure if this is the right list, but I will post it here anyway:

a) the jdk8 documentation page has a "whats new in jdk8" section and
this section lists "jjs", however on the doc page itself only
jrunscript is mentioned:


b) On the jrunscript documentation page is a sentence which I do not
understand (or the content behind the link is missing):

#See Also
#If JavaScript is used, then before it evaluates a user defined script,
#the jrunscript command initializes certain built-in functions and
#objects. These JavaScript built-ins are documented in JsDoc-Toolkit at

Is this also true for nashorn, or where can I get this list?

c) this wiki page is broken:

d) I guess on this page the word nashorn (or jjs/jrunscript or tools)
should be mentioned, the current scripting section more looks like the
integrated java scripting not the tools:

e) is there a documentation about a list of all built-in load()
scripts of nashorn? I have only found a list for fx: in the user guide.

f) both jjs and jrunscript should probably add the scripting guide
homepage as a see also resource.

g) jjs -h does not mention that there is a -xhelp

The actual reason why I was browsing the documentation (and I did not
find an answer) is, if there is a inspect() like method in jjs to
discover the environment? I was for example courious if there is some
JSON support in nashhorn? (or at least an load("nashorn:xxx.js") to

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