JDK8 cleanups?

Bernd ecki at zusammenkunft.net
Wed Feb 5 00:21:05 PST 2014

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Am 05.02.2014 08:26 schrieb "A. Sundararajan" <
sundararajan.athijegannathan at oracle.com>:
>> b) On the jrunscript documentation page is a sentence which I do not
>> understand (or the content behind the link is missing):
>> #See Also
>> #If JavaScript is used, then before it evaluates a user defined script,
>> #the jrunscript command initializes certain built-in functions and
>> #objects. These JavaScript built-ins are documented in JsDoc-Toolkit at
>> #http://code.google.com/p/jsdoc-toolkit/
> jrunscript runs "init.js" bundled in the tool itself. This is historical.
"jjs" does not run that script.

Did I miss the doc of this init.js under the link or should the link be
fixed? I would add the startup description to its own section and reserve
see also for references.

>> Is this also true for nashorn, or where can I get this list?

So for nashorn only the ecma script objects (like Math) are bound?
-scripting is registering the documented extensions, what about -strict?

>> c) this wiki page is broken:
>> https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/Nashorn/Nashorn+Documentation
> By "broken", do you say any information is missing? or you can't access

Hm, I mean the formatting (and I had the impression the links did not work,
but they actually do, so sorry for the false alarm)

>> e) is there a documentation about a list of all built-in load()
>> scripts of nashorn? I have only found a list for fx: in the user guide.
> Same wiki page - left panel has link to this page:
> https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/Nashorn/Nashorn+extensions

It lists the prefixes (fx and nashorn) but not the available script names
(or where to find the resources). Is nashorn: a resource loader scheme?

>> f) both jjs and jrunscript should probably add the scripting guide
>> homepage as a see also resource.
> Scripting guide is meant for programmatic access for nashorn or any other
javax.script compliant engines.

Yes, I mean the scripting start page or directly the nashorn user guide,
the section about the scripting extension is relevant (

> There is no 'inspect'. But, you can do the following in 'jjs':
> jjs> Object.getOwnPropertyNames(this)

Ah cool, are there any synthetic objects hidden?

> Hope this helps

Indeed, thanks!


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