Is delete threaded?

Walter Higgins walter.higgins at
Sun Feb 9 14:03:36 PST 2014

Hi ,

Something odd I've noticed in Nashorn (it doesn't happen in JRE 6 or 7)...

I have some code which sets a global variable for a short period of time
then deletes the global when it's no longer needed. (my code runs as part
of an in-game plugin that takes javascript expressions from an in-game
command prompt)..

global.self = commandSender;
try  {
    var result = scriptingEngine.eval( jsExpression );
} catch (e ) {
} finally {
    delete global.self;

If say jsExpression is ' self ' then the first time round,
scriptingEngine.eval will return the 'self' object. The 2nd and subsequent
times this code is executed though, self will be null, which is odd.

I can work around this by using the new native 'eval()' function but the
above code worked in JRE 6 and 7. Now it only works once only in JRE8.

Walter Higgins
Mobile: (+353) 086 8511600

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