Using Nashorn on a web app platform

Edmond Kemokai ekemokai at
Mon Mar 31 18:24:52 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,

I am the developer of HiveMind (, it is a web app platform
for the JVM. It is a combination of a container (jetty), middle-ware and a
dev environment.

The platform uses JSR-223 so that a users can use many of the scripting
engines available for various languages on the JVM.

Currently it uses Rhino for Javascript, I attempted to integrate Nashorn
but it seems Nashorn doesn't include ASM and including ASM separately
creates other conflicts.

The Groovy jar for instance includes ASM by changing the package names thus
eliminating conflict...perhaps Nashorn should be packaged this way as well?

Here is a quick screencast showing usage:


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