Stack scopes / bindings?

A. Sundararajan sundararajan.athijegannathan at
Fri Jan 30 04:38:53 UTC 2015


A script engine has an associated (default) ScriptContext instance. A 
ScriptContext has  ENGINE_SCOPE and GLOBAL_SCOPE bindings in it.

ENGINE_SCOPE which is the same as a "global" object of ECMAScript (has 
properties like "Object", "Function", "undefined", "parseInt" etc.). If 
a variable is missing in ENGINE_SCOPE, then it is searched in GLOBAL_SCOPE.

For more details, please check out

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On Thursday 29 January 2015 07:30 PM, Nicolas ALBERT wrote:
> I used to use Rhino and to stack scope through Scriptable.setParentScope
> I can not find an equivalent with Bindings or ScriptContext.
>     - if a variable is defined without var, it's a global variable (root
>     scope)
>     - if a variable is defined with var, it's a local variable (current
>     scope)
>     - if a variable is accessed or modified, engine lookup in its current
>     scope, and parent, and parent parent ... and the global scope
> I miss something or this behavior (with setParentScope) doesn't exist ?
> Thanks

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