AW: Serious bug: "finally" block is run whenever "continue" is reached

Tal Liron tal.liron at
Mon Mar 9 16:17:11 UTC 2015

So that I don't sound bitter, let me try to suggest a constructive 
solution to the "meta" bug:

Could Nashorn have its own, separate, "download" page of post-JDK releases?

This would require different versioning, too. Right now, the Nashorn 
version is tied to the JDK -- if I build it from hg, it is always marked 
as version "0.1". Why not have Nashorn have its own internal version 
march, parallel but ultimately separate from the JDK?

That way, instead of telling my users that my product requires 8u40, I 
can specify a Nashorn version. Per JDK release, it can specify which 
Nashorn version is included out of the box. My product could even check 
for that version and provide an error message with instruction on how to 
solve it.

I think it was fine to experiment with tying Nashorn to the JDK. But 
it's also clear, to me at least, that the experiment has failed. It's 
more than a year since Nashorn was released, with so much promise, but I 
still can't recommend it to my users.

On 03/09/2015 10:34 AM, Krause, Michael wrote:
> Absolutely - please consider that Java and the embedded JavaScript Engine is used in production-systems.
> Is Nashorn really ready for production use? Seriously, since I am on the nashorn-dev list
> I have read about three bugs that are not mentioned in the official release-notes of Java.
> We have no (real) option to use Rhino in Java 8 any more, and Java 7 is near end-of-life. Should I port my scripts to Groovy in order to be safe?

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