Question about --lazy-comopilation=false in JDK-8u40-b25

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Subject: Question about --lazy-comopilation=false in JDK-8u40-b25

Hello Nahsorn dev team,

Is it a good idea to turn off lazy compilation to get faster warmup and better overall performance over long run ? Execution time on our javascript shows that turning off lazy outperforms persistent code cache and optimistic types. See data with column_name “lazy=false” in [1] .Here is the graph comparing8u40 with and without lazy compilation(lazy=false) . Is that expected ?

>From xhelp we got very little information about what lazy-compilation is doing: --lazy-compilation (do not compile the entire script at once, default: true). Can you provide more insights about what this feature does and what scenarios might benefit from its use?

Steps to reproduce these performance numbers -
Download this zip which has the following four files
1. bench.js - the benchmarking script
2. hp.js - the javascript we want to execute on Nashorn
3. hp.json - the data we want to use while executing our script hp.js
4. dust-full.js - library needed to execute hp.js script

run jjs bench.js -scripting --lazy-compilation=false -- 10000

I am using "1.8.0_40-ea" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_40-ea-b25 on 8 core redhat linux machine ).

Please advise.

Kunal Cholera

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