Serious bug: "finally" block is run whenever "continue" is reached

A. Sundararajan sundararajan.athijegannathan at
Wed Mar 11 09:06:28 UTC 2015

You can use this script 

to locate all such break/continue in try..finally to apply the workaround.

As this one uses Nashorn parser API in jdk9-dev, you've to follow these 

$ hg clone
$ cd make
$ ant clean jar
$ cd samples
$ jjs -J-Djava.ext.dirs=../dist breakcontinue_in_tryfinally.js  -- 

This will report all break/continue within try..finally in every .js of 
your root script dir (recursive scan)

Hope this helps,

On Wednesday 11 March 2015 05:22 AM, Tony Zakula wrote:
> Just want to make sure the Nashorn team knows that we all appreciate their
> work.  These things happen with a complex project.  Super happy Nashorn is
> happening for the Java community.
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 9:50 AM, Tal Liron <tal.liron at>
> wrote:
>> Thank you. I think this is a good workaround, because it lets us keep the
>> try/finally semantics while continuing to function the same in the future,
>> when the bug is fixed.
>> I'll insist that I think you absolutely must make this bug very public and
>> prominent, so that all those who download JDK 8 are aware of it. I know it
>> won't feel good to admit it publicly, but it is your responsibility to
>> users and in the long run will help build trust and encourage adoption.
>> On 03/10/2015 08:10 AM, Attila Szegedi wrote:
>>> Hope this helps until we ship the real fix.
>>>    Attila.

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