Pause and Resume

Ankit Narang ankit.narang at
Wed Mar 11 09:29:16 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I'm migrating to Nashorn from Rhino (v1.7R4). In my use case, I make
asynchronous service calls from Javascript.

I accomplished it in Rhino by:
1. Serializing Scope and Callback Function on S3 (AWS). Send S3 key as a
payload to the service.
2. After getting the response from service (async), de-serializing Scope
and Callback Function from S3 (AWS) using the S3 key (present in service's
response as the payload).
3. Continue script execution by invoking Callback Function with service
response as the argument (with the Scope obtained from step 2).

What's the way to do the same in Nashorn?


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