RFR: 8170322: Specialized functions convert booleans to numbers

Hannes Wallnöfer hannes.wallnoefer at oracle.com
Fri Nov 25 14:02:32 UTC 2016

Thanks for the review.

> Am 25.11.2016 um 14:31 schrieb Attila Szegedi <szegedia at gmail.com>:
> If I understand it correctly, it was only Array.concat and Array.push that needed this? That’s good, it means it wasn't a really widespread problem.

Yes, those are the only number-specialized functions we have that don’t actually expect a number - they’re just to prevent boxing and keep the array type primitive. 

I must admit I only went through the list of specialised functions using „common sense“ and running some quick comparisons with V8, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t oversee anything. :)


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