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Michael McMahon michael.x.mcmahon at
Wed Sep 7 17:15:51 UTC 2016

Hi Wenbo,

First, sorry for the delay in replying. We took your comments and 
prototyped how the major ones
might be accommodated. In particular, we did the following:

- moved "business logic" out of HttpRequest. The methods for sending 
requests now
    exist in HttpClient. Given that requests are no longer associated 
with a client and can
    be sent through any client, this means that some properties of a 
request that used
    to be inherited from the client can no longer be visible in the 
HttpRequest object,
    but that is not a problem as far as I can see. This changes the look 
of the sample code
    in HttpRequest, but doesn't make it any harder to read.

- changed some method names as suggested eg newBuilder()

- added protected constructors to the public classes. This allows 
alternative implementations
    for use in mocking/test frameworks etc.

- changed the PUT, POST, GET methods in the request builder to only set 
the method type.
    PUT, POST takes the request body processor as parameter. A new 
build() method returns
    the HttpRequest.

- added a method to HttpResponse which returns the "final" request that 
was sent on the wire
    for the particular response, which might be different from the user 
initiated request.

I put an updated apidoc [1] and specdiff [2] up to show the changes. In 
particular, the sample
code described in the HttpClient docs is updated to reflect the changes.




On 26/08/2016, 07:59, Wenbo Zhu wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for the update! The adoption of the Flow API is indeed a big 
> improvement (async flow-control is very hard to get right).
> Attached is a feedback doc on this new version. One specific idea to 
> discuss is whether it's possible to release the new HTTP client API as 
> a standalone library (that works on JDK 9).
> Thanks,
> Wenbo
> On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 12:56 AM, Michael McMahon 
> <michael.x.mcmahon at <mailto:michael.x.mcmahon at>> 
> wrote:
>     There is an updated version of the HTTP client API doc [1] and a
>     specdiff [2] showing the changes
>     proposed from the current version in JDK9 dev.
>     The main changes are:
>     1) The request and response processors are now based on
>     Flow.Publisher and Flow.Subscriber
>     2) Response bodies are retrieved synchronously with the response
>     headers as part of the
>         HttpRequest.response() and responseAsync() methods
>     3) Because of the change above, to allow code to examine the
>     headers and decide what to do
>         with the body before retrieving it, there is a new entity
>     called a HttpResponse.BodyHandler
>         which is given the status code and headers, and which returns
>     a HttpResponse.BodyProcessor.
>         Static implementations of both body handlers and body
>     processors are provided, to make the
>         simple cases easy to code.
>     We are currently working in the sandbox repository again and will
>     have these changes
>     in the main JDK9 dev forest soon.
>     Thanks,
>     Michael
>     [1]
>     <>
>     [2]
>     <>
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