RFR - 8166747: Add invalid network / computer name cases to isReachable known failure switch

Mark Sheppard mark.sheppard at oracle.com
Tue Sep 27 00:02:51 UTC 2016

Hi Rob,
     changes look reasonable ...
perhaps align the two additions below the existing ERROR_XXX set, all 
neat and tidy :-)


On 27/09/2016 00:09, Rob McKenna wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Looking for a review of this simple addition to Inet4AddressImpl.c on Windows. As per the bug report:
> In the ping4() call in Inet4AddressImpl.c on Windows there is a switch statement containing failure codes for IcmpSendEcho which correspond to well known and expected failures for this call when a host is not reachable. In these cases ping4() simply returns false as opposed to throwing an exception.
> Prior releases of the JDK would return false when using the tcp ping method where we currently throw an exception with the ERROR_INVALID_COMPUTERNAME (Windows error code 1210) or ERROR_INVALID_NETNAME (1214) errors. We should add these cases to the switch statement for compatibility purposes.
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~robm/8166747/webrev.01/
> 	-Rob

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