environment issue; pls confirm

Umashankar Umashankar.Ningaiah at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 28 00:36:24 PDT 2008

Alan Bateman wrote:
> I haven't seen this error before. It hints of a duplicate name on the 
> network in which case nbtstat might help you track it down. However, I 
> assume this is a connect operation in which case you are connecting by 
> IP address so there is no name resolution or NetBIOS lookup going on. 
> Can you connect to the target machine by other means? (telnet 
> <address> <port> at the DOS prompt for example). Can you do a quick 
> test to see if you can connect via a SocketChannel?
> -Alan.
  I observed this exception message only once and I have not been able 
to reproduce it after that .
  I am able to connect using SocketChannel. Both the client and server 
are co-located (running in the same machine).

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