network tests

Joe Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Thu May 22 18:18:17 PDT 2008


Recently Mark Wielaard started an effort to run the regression tests on 
OpenJDK builds and publish the results 
Certain tests in the nio and networking area assume Sun-internal hosts  
like javaweb are available; the shell test


has a string for javaweb and


has the following constants used by other tests:

    // Test hosts used by the channels tests - change these when
    // executing in a different network.
    public static final String HOST = "";
    public static final String REFUSING_HOST = "";
    public static final String FAR_HOST = "";
    public static final String UNRESOLVABLE_HOST = 

Mark observed these three hosts are needed:
> With daytime and echo available. The only wrinkle is that some tests
> expect to be able to use quick timeouts from HOST, but to need long
> timeouts from FAR_HOST. I think we could provide something public for
> this. But I might have missed some tests that need other services. Do
> you have a full overview?

First, is this all the networking configuration information that is used 
in the regression tests?  Second, it would be helpful is this host 
information could be configured without changing the sources of the test 
each time.  I've spoken briefly to Jon about ways this kind of 
information can be passed into a jtreg run.  Environment variables can 
be used, as can system properties.  A system property could also be used 
to specify a file from which the information was read.  With a bit of 
jtreg hacking, it is feasible portions of the jtharness interview 
procedure could be exposed to configure information that way too.


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