network tests

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Sat May 24 06:29:15 PDT 2008

Joe Darcy wrote:
> :
> Could the classic networking tests be refactored a bit to be 
> centralized like the nio tests?  Would it be natural for classic 
> networking and nio to get their host information from the same place?
There was a time when the networking tests had dependencies on quite a 
few web servers, proxies, etc. but there was effort to replace these 
tests so there should only be a few dependencies remaining. I briefly 
looked at the tests today and I was surprised to only find one test that 
attempts a lookup of a Sun internal host. The other tests with 
dependencies weren't moved from closed->open. In any case, it should be 
straight-forward to centralize the dependencies into one place.

> :
> Even if the Sun-internal settings remain baked in, I think an easy way 
> to  pass in a limited number of configuration settings is appropriate 
> and shouldn't be too hard to accommodate in the test code.  Presumably 
> an interface like "openjtreg -Dmy.config.options=foo ..." wouldn't be 
> too awkward to use.
If by "baked in" you mean a default configuration file for when the 
property or other knob isn't used then it seems reasonable. Are you 
thinking of passing in the individual parameters as properties or have 
one property to locate a properties/config file with the settings?


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