Rémi Forax forax at
Sun Nov 16 06:21:52 PST 2008

Hi alan, hi all,
Wow, I think its a very good idea to introduce static methods
for reading/writing lines.

Here is my review of those methods
(based on putback

- Providing a closeUnchecked is a good idea but i don't see
  why readAllBytes*() need use it.
- characters based method readAllLines/writeLines() should have
  a variation that takes a Charset  as  parameter.
  It will avoid to use Charset.defaultCharset().name() in some 
  Btw, readAllLines and writeLines is not a coherent naming scheme,
  in my opinion, writeLines should be rewritten writeAllLines.

- readAllLines should be lazy, i.e. returns an Iterable<String>,
  its iterator should close the stream when hasNext() return false.
  I think Python already do something like that.

- writeLines should take an Iterable<? extends CharSequence> instead
  of a List<String>,  implwriteLines() should be re-written :
for (CharSequence line: lines) {

A more general question, how about word based read methods ?

I am a commiter on another OpenJDK workspace,
so if you want I think I  am able to create a patch,
ask for reviews and if it's ok, push the patch.


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