Mount point not found in mtab

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Wed May 27 08:00:21 PDT 2009

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> :
> Aha, this seems to come from the fact that under the chroot /etc/mtab
> has not all file systems. In fact there is no guarantee that it has,
> since one could have mounted with -n so /etc/mtab isn't updated. A
> workaround might be to use /proc/mounts if /etc/mtab misses the
> information.
A mysterious failure indeed - thanks for the bug report and sleuthing. 
LinuxFileStore's findMountEntry does assume that all file systems are 
listed in /etc/mtab  so we can fix this as you suggest by looking in 
/proc/mounts if needed. I'll try to get time in the next day or two to 
put a fix into nio/nio/jdk for this. If you need a quick workaround  
then changing getMountEntries to open /proc/mounts instead of 
/etc/mnttab should do it with the only side effect that getFileStores() 
will return an iterator over all mounted file systems so it won't match 
df exactly.

As an aside, I have changes in the pipe to the temp file support that 
eliminates probing of the tmp directory (that code in 
File$TemporyDirectory is a bit ugly and needed to be re factored). It's 
possible we wouldn't have seen this issue if these changes had come 


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