Strange Exception at read

向雅 fyaoxy at
Wed Nov 11 16:17:44 PST 2009

Hi Alan,
After tired the aio Socket channel and File channel, I found those use
different Exception process way seperately.
For some os error , File channel use some Exception classes, but
Socket channel use IOException with os error message. The later hard
to determinate to advance processing.
There have some plan to unify those exceptions with os error?


2009/11/10 向雅 <fyaoxy at>:
> Thanks, It's ok without firewall. haha:)
> 致敬
> 向雅
> 2009/11/10 Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at>:
>> 向雅 wrote:
>>> Thanks. possible the bug source from windows7 self:)
>>> 致敬
>>> 向雅
>> I suspect this may be the Windows 7 firewall recognizing the ftp protocol.
>> Can you turn-off the firewall temporarily and tell me if you can duplicate
>> it?
>> -Alan.

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