Strange Exception at read

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 12 05:12:47 PST 2009

向雅 wrote:
> :
> Yes,
> for example the IOException in this message, I got a "IOException:
> Access Denied".
> I debug to Iocp get the os errno: 5, windows system error number.
> I tested aio File channel, I get the errno 5 again, but it wrapped
> with AccessDeniedException.
> So I browsed the new file channel implementation, besides
> AccessDeniedException,
> there have more specific exception.
The "Access denied" issue that you ran into with the Windows 7 firewall 
is, in my mind anyway, obscure and probably impossible to differentiate 
from a serious implementation bug. It's also not clear to me what 
recovery action you could take that would be different to other I/O 
errors. The only case that I think we should add a specific exception 
for is the "reset by peer" case (that applies to SocketChannel and 
legacy Socket aswell).


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