NIO Watch Service Feedback

John Hendrikx hjohn at
Fri Nov 13 00:22:19 PST 2009

Robert MacGrogan wrote:
> First of all, I believe I found a bug. If you rename a file or 
> directory inside of a watched directory, a Create event will be 
> generated for the new file/directory name. No Delete or Modify event 
> will be created. It seems to me that it would be better to either have 
> a rename generate a Modify event or a Delete on the old Path followed 
> by a Create on the new Path.
I've been using this functionality heavily under both Windows and Linux, 
and I definitely see a create/delete on a rename.  I use these events to 
update a list, and if either was missing the list would start to get 
out-of-sync, which is not occuring in my case.


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