Strange Exception at read

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 13 04:36:01 PST 2009

Vikram A wrote:
> >> in windows, WSA use some error code scopes. 5 is a windows common
> >>error. I not think it in aio scope.
> i think, windows error 0x05 is not windows specific.
> it is a general x86 line read write error, can even happen during 
> windows/solaris x86 installation, if it encounters a problem.
The issue here doesn't appear to be an implementation bug - if that were 
so then we'd probably SEGV/equivalent or observe some memory corruption 
(or in the case of Windows the I/O operation would fail when initiated 
with an error such as "The system detected an invalid pointer"). 
Instead, we appear to be encountering new behavior with the built-in 
firewall in Windows 7. It appers that when it blocks a connection it 
causes the asynchronous I/O to complete with an "access denied" error. 
Configuring the firewall to allow access (in this case ftp passive mode) 
seem to resolve the issue.


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