Need reviewer for 6876541: (file) Files.walkFileTree(...): no SecurityException if read access to the starting file is denied

Christopher Hegarty -Sun Microsystems Ireland Christopher.Hegarty at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 14 07:14:22 PDT 2009

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Christopher Hegarty -Sun Microsystems Ireland wrote:
>> These changes look good.
>> I have just one minor question about the testcase. Why does it 
>> disallow user.dir == test.src. Will this mean that the directory has 
>> implicit permission or is it just catching the case where the user 
>> tries to run the test outside of jtreg?
>> The reason I ask is that in the case of failure it is sometimes useful 
>> to be able to run the test standalone.
> Thanks for reviewing.
> We could split this test into 3 if you think its worth it. For now, it 
> needs to be run by jtreg and will be run 3 times, each with a different 
> policy. To keep it simple it attempts to walk test.src (an alternative 
> would have been to create a file tree, perhaps in the tmp dir and 
> corresponding policy files). As the default policy grants reads access 
> to the current directory then it would otherwise cause the "denyAll" and 
> "grantTopOnly" tests to fail.
That answers my question. I just missed this the fact that the current 
dir has read access by default.


> -Alan.

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