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Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at
Sun Feb 14 11:33:59 PST 2010

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Sebastian Sickelmann wrote:
> > :
> > Yes, i have signed it and send it in. But did no response on that yet.
> Should i get a response?
> >   
> I checked, and it has been received , but just hasn't been "processed"
> yet.
i am approved yesterday. :-)
> > I am trying to create an implementation that lets you choose between
> Version 2A and 2B or just the "old" one. But this will take some time, i think
> am be back on this at the middle of February.
I am sorry that i actually had no time to manage my plan to create an implementation that let choose the user which version to use.
But i hope you think Version 2B is worth of integrating in OpenJDK.
What would the next steps to be?
> >
> > But for now what would be the next step to make progess for the actual
> send in patches? Public Review?
> >   
> Sending patches to this mail list is fine. I can sponsor it once we've 
> agreed the patch.
> -Alan.

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