bu in Path.Relativize

Rémi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Sat Feb 20 10:54:38 PST 2010

Le 20/02/2010 17:38, Alan Bateman a écrit :
> Rémi Forax wrote:
>> :
>> Thank you, Alan,
>> a workaround is to used realPath() on both paths before calling 
>> relativize.
> I've created 6925169 for this and I have an initial fix that I'll send 
> a webrev soon. While looking at this I see that  we've got a subtle 
> spec bug in p.relativize(p.resolve(q)).equals(q) can only be 
> guaranteed to be true if p and q are normalized paths. I'll fix that too.
> -Alan.

I will review the patch.


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