Need reviewer for 6926800: TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/Files/ fails with newer versions of find(1)

Rémi Forax forax at
Sat Feb 20 11:27:57 PST 2010

Le 20/02/2010 19:15, Alan Bateman a écrit :
> The test test/java/nio/file/Files/ is failing on some 
> Linux distributions. The test walks a file tree and checks that it 
> visits directories and files in the same order as the find(1) utility. 
> To make things interesting the test creates a file tree with cycles 
> (sym links to ancestor directories) and checks behavior for the case 
> where sym links are followed and not followed. When comparing the 
> output with the output of find(1), the test assumes that when a cycle 
> is encountered that find will print the sym link and continue (the 
> warning to stderr is ignored). This assumption turns out to be no 
> longer true on some distributions where find now just prints a 
> warning. The fix proposed changes the test so that it works with 
> either behavior - it first walks the file tree without reporting 
> cycles. If that doesn't match the output of find then it walks the 
> file tree again with an option to print cycles. I've put the webrev 
> with the proposed change here:
> Thanks,
> Alan.

This is my first review with a switch on string :)

The patch is ok.

I think that the doc of visitFile should be modified to add
a sentence about the fact that visiFile can be called with
a link to a directory.
The fact that attrs.isDirectory() can be true is surprising.


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