WatchService questions

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 25 01:33:03 PST 2010

Sebastian Sickelmann wrote:
> :
> I am sorry that i actually had no time to manage my plan to create an implementation that let choose the user which version to use.
> But i hope you think Version 2B is worth of integrating in OpenJDK.
> What would the next steps to be?
I've created this bug to track this one:
  6929532: (file) WatchService should avoid queuing new modify events 
when lots of files are changing

and I've put a webrev with the changes here:

The change to AbstractWatchKey is your changes (slightly modified but 
not much). It's hard to write reliable tests for the WatchService as the 
behavior across the 4 implementations varies slightly. So for the test I 
decided it would be easier to just expand the scope of an existing test 
- hope that's okay.

If you are happy with this then I'll get this into jdk7, listing you as 


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