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Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Tue Nov 30 03:58:46 PST 2010

Benedict Elliott Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> The UnixPath implementation behaves rather annoyingly when the 
> argument is a different type of Path. 
> Currently a java.nio.file.ProviderMismatchException is thrown, but for 
> ease of use it would be preferable (to my mind) to simply return false.
The exception is expected:

"Unless otherwise noted, invoking a method of any class or interface in 
this package created by one provider with a parameter that is an object 
created by another provider, will throw ProviderMismatchException"

Changing things so that some methods, like startsWith, return false 
might be inconsistent. I'm curious how you ran into this as I assume 
there must be a bug somewhere. Another thing to mention is that we are 
currently missing startsWith(String), endsWith(String), something that 
has come up a few times.

> Given that the new Path APIs have been designed to make using 
> different providers interchangeably and uniformly, does it seem 
> sensible to make as many methods as possible "safe" with respect to 
> interaction between provider types.
Although the API allows for different providers there is no requirement 
that these providers be interoperable (as one provider will not know 
anything about the representation of objects associated with other 

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