Java 7 FileSystem Providers as SPI questions

John Bryant youcangetme at
Tue Jan 11 20:54:01 PST 2011


I understand that FileSystem providers are extensions to the core as SPIs. I 
would like to write one for a project (its an elegant solution to a problem I 
have) but there is almost no examples or tutorials out on the Web. I saw one 
that was incomplete on a Zip file system provider but I need a little more help. 
I did manage to find the JAR containing the classes for the 'zipfs' and an 
online reference to the source code but its kind of muddled seeing as there 
isn't a giant sign reading, "Hey, start here! This is what you need!"

It would be a big helped if someone knew the magic, "Start Here" and the "this 
is what you need to extend/implement" to get the ball rolling.

Anyone willing to point me in that direction?


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