Java 7 FileSystem Providers as SPI questions

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Wed Jan 12 02:57:14 PST 2011

John Bryant wrote:
> Hello!
> I understand that FileSystem providers are extensions to the core as 
> SPIs. I would like to write one for a project (its an elegant solution 
> to a problem I have) but there is almost no examples or tutorials out 
> on the Web. I saw one that was incomplete on a Zip file system 
> provider but I need a little more help. I did manage to find the JAR 
> containing the classes for the 'zipfs' and an online reference to the 
> source code but its kind of muddled seeing as there isn't a giant sign 
> reading, "Hey, start here! This is what you need!"
> It would be a big helped if someone knew the magic, "Start Here" and 
> the "this is what you need to extend/implement" to get the ball rolling.
> Anyone willing to point me in that direction?
> thx,
> JB
As Sherman said, the $JAVA_HOME/demo/nio/zipfs directory is where you'll 
find the zip provider. There's a README in that directory to get you 
started, and also a Demo class that allows you to copy files in/out of 
zip files and do various other operations. Note that this provider is a 
complete provider and this replaces the incomplete/read-only provider 
that we originally had to demonstrate the provider interface. One of 
docs engineer has recently created some material for the online 
tutorials which should also be useful to those starting out with the zip 

That said, I suspect you are actually looking for material on how to 
develop your own provider. Sadly we are lacking in this regard so all I 
can suggest is to start with java.nio.file.spi.FileSystemProvider and 
use the zip provider as a reference (the complete source code to the 
provider is in demo/nio/zipfs/ Another thing to say is that 
developing a complete provider is a non-trivial task and much more work 
compared to say developing a URL protocol handler.


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