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Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Oct 19 03:25:38 PDT 2011

Charles Lee wrote:
> :
> Hi Alan,
> Are there any examples of the performance test cases?
The tests in the jdk repository are regression tests (many unit tests 
too). It's not really suitable for performance tests as performance 
tests need carefully controlled environments in other to detect 
performance regressions. If we run performance tests that fail if the 
performance is lower that expected then those tests will likely fail 
regularly.  For example if you run the tests via the Makefile and use 
--jobs then there are tests running concurrently with unpredictable 
load. So we (in Oracle anyway) haven't been pushing performance tests to 
the jdk repository. There are exceptions so if you look around you will 
see some tests. jdk/test/java/nio/channels/Selector/ 
is one example but if you look closely it doesn't have an @test tag so 
it's not run automatically.

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