Zip file system provider only works with default file system

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at
Sun Dec 9 07:08:59 PST 2012

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Michael Hall <mik3hall at> wrote:
> It's a demo.
> Couldn't you just temporarily put your own ZipFileSystem in classpath some
> place before the default version jar?

Well, since zipfs.jar is part of the JRE that would probably have go
to do endorsed/ not the nicest place to be.

> With something like…
> In com.sun.nio.zipfs.ZipFileSystem
>     // Creates a new empty temporary file in the same directory as the
>     // specified file.  A variant of File.createTempFile.
>     private Path createTempFileInSameDirectoryAs(Path path)
>         throws IOException
>     {
>         Path parent = path.toAbsolutePath().getParent();
>         Path tmpPath = Files.createTempFile(dir,"zipfstmp", null);
>         tmppaths.add(tmpPath);
>         return tmpPath;
>     }
> Assumes it'll use the correct FileSystem as the parameter's Path all the way
> through, I haven't tested it at all.
> Not sure if there are any complications with a com.sun class. You could
> change the demo package.
> Are you just trying this out or do you intend to use the demo code in
> something production?

The plan is to use it in testing, like an in-memory database (JavaDB,
…). Especially interesting would be that you can simulate a
Linux/Windows/Mac file system on a developer workstation without
having to run the tests on a slave. It would also be cool if you could
initialize a file system from a ZIP file and drop the contents of the
file system into a ZIP file for analysis if the test fails. And
sometimes you just want to create an in-memory zip, eg. in a servlet.


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