Review Request : JDK-8002306, (se) fails if invoked with thread interrupt status set [win]

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Dec 12 04:57:17 PST 2012

On 10/12/2012 22:28, Dan Xu wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Please help review the fix for JDK-8002306, fails if 
> invoked with thread interrupt status set [win], at
> <>
> On windows, we establish loopback socket connections every time  a 
> selector is opened. But the connect operation will fail and throw out 
> ClosedByInterruptException if its current thread is interrupted. In 
> order to open a selector on an interrupted thread successfully, the 
> fix clears the interrupt status, establish socket connections, and 
> reset the status to interrupt afterwards to work around the 
> restrictions. Thanks!
> -Dan
I looked at the proposed change, but I think it could be a bit simpler 
(meaning no null or isConnected checks) if we simple start over when 
ClosedByInterrupt is thrown. So if open(sa) fails then ssc.close and 
retry, if accept() fails then sc1.close ssc.close and retry. I think 
that would make it easier to verify too. I'm interested in David Lloyd's 
comment about a timing issue as he may be seeing something that I don't see.

On the test then I don't think @library is needed. Also would be good if 
this test didn't have to run in othervm mode. If the test closes the 
Selector then I think it should be good to run in agent VM mode (meaning 
it can run in an existing VM, doesn't need to spin up a new VM for the 
test). Also what would you think about beefing it up so that pounds a 
thread calling with Thread.interrupt, I think this is the only 
way that this can be properly tested.

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