trz update - nio.2 MacFileSystemProvider added kqueue WatchService

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Mon Jul 30 03:26:46 PDT 2012

On Jul 29, 2012, at 10:54 PM, Alan Bateman wrote:

> On 30/07/2012 02:05, Michael Hall wrote:
>> I have added an implementation of a kqueue based WatchService implementation to my OS X specific nio.2 code.
>> At this time this code will run a slightly modified version of the openjdk WatchService Basic test code. (See known_issues.txt for more info).
>> This provides a platform specific non-polling native solution to replace the generic polling WatchService currently being provided in Java 7 for OS X.
>> I intend to provide one more WatchService based on FSEvents for OS X. See [1[ for mention of kqueue vs. fsevents use.
> It looks like you have made good progress. I have not tried your file system provider yet but is the WatchService implementation something that you would be willing to contribute to OpenJDK? I don't know if you have tried to run the unit tests that in the test/java/nio/file/WatchService directory but it would be interesting to see if it passes these tests.
> -Alan

The WatchService is slightly different in it's implementation from the current java WatchServices, so I'm not sure you would want that. Of course I would be happy to see it included but having just got it to where it passes a few unit tests I'm not that confident it's ready for that.
The openjdk WatchService directory has a Basic test class which it does as of just now, pass. Which is why I decided it was ready to be considered more or less a release worth telling anyone about.
I was going to try some of the other unit test classes. I added the LotsOfEvents test but mine doesn't seem to get anywhere with that. No debugging yet. A little more about this is in the project known_issues.txt file.

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