ENOTDIR - NotDirectoryException or FileSystemException ?

Remi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Thu Nov 15 07:51:22 PST 2012

On 11/15/2012 04:31 PM, David M. Lloyd wrote:
> For what my opinion is worth, I agree.  I think it is perfectly 
> reasonable to expand the definition of NotDirectoryException to 
> include this case, even though I do acknowledge Alan's point that 
> there is a subtle difference.



> On 11/15/2012 09:20 AM, Jim Gish wrote:
>> Moving a discussion between Alan and me here that was on core-libs-dev.
>> In short, I'm suggesting that
>> UnixException.translateToIOException(File,String) check for
>> UnixConstants.ENOTDIR and throw a NotDirectoryException instead of the
>> more general FileSystemException.
>> On 11/15/2012 06:48 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
>>>> Exactly -- that's my point.  This is one of those cases. You're
>>>> trying to create a new file in a directory, but the file you
>>>> specified isn't a directory - it's a plain file.  The error code
>>>> coming back is ENOTDIR and so what you get is the more general
>>>> FileSystemException with "Not a directory" as the error message, when
>>>> in fact, we could throw NotDirectoryException if we'd simply check
>>>> for errno of ENOTDIR in the first place along with the other checks
>>>> being done in UnixException translateToIOException(File,String).
>>> This isn't an obvious as it might seem because having ENOTDIR always
>>> map to DirectoryNotEmptyException may cause that exception to be
>>> thrown in other cases too.  Additionally, this specific exception was
>>> intended for cases where you attempt to do something on a directory
>>> but it turns out the file is not a directory, this is subtly different
>>> to the case here. So we need to separate this one, I think the
>>> FileSystemException that you are seeing now is reasonable.
>> I assume you meant to say NotDirectoryException, above.  I realize that
>> it might be thrown in other cases, but seems appropriate.  I'm fine with
>> it staying as FileSystemException, but would like to understand this
>> thoroughly.  The only cases I can see breaking are those that expect the
>> more general FileSystemException and are counting on the message being
>> "Not a directory".  Those would break /unless /NotDirectoryException
>> also carried the message "Not a directory", which we can't do since
>> there are currently other messages being used, such as the path in 
>> error.
>> You say "this specific exception was intended for cases where you
>> attempt to do something on a directory but it turns out the file is not
>> a directory".  Isn't that what we're doing in this case?  We're
>> attempting to create a file in the path specified (which is not, as it
>> turns out, a directory).
>> Thanks,
>>     Jim
>>> -Alan
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