request for review: 6720349: (ch) Channels tests depending on hosts inside Sun

Rob McKenna rob.mckenna at
Sat Nov 24 06:50:14 PST 2012

No problem Daniel. As per my follow up mail I thought it was odd so I 
checked a more recent version of mercurial and the patch applied 
cleanly. Thanks for the fix!


On 24/11/12 12:06, Daniel Fuchs wrote:
> On 11/24/12 5:37 AM, Rob McKenna wrote:
>> On 24/11/12 04:08, Rob McKenna wrote:
>>> Almost, but not quite. thinks it was moved from 
>>> when I do a straight hg export/import. Not completely 
>>> sure why. (see the webrev)
> Sorry about that - I had started by coding all the TestServers as 
> inner classes of TestUtil, and alan suggested it would be better to 
> put them in a separate class. So I copied from within 
> NetBeans and pasted it as - keeping only the Servers 
> stuff in the new file and removing the rest.  I think NetBeans must 
> have added using some mercurial command that 
> remembered this history...
> I don't think it should matter - hopefully it won't!
> -- daniel

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