Review Request: JDK-7142921,(fs) Files.probeContentType reports a MIME type of "text/plain" on Ubuntu 11.04

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Nov 29 09:54:54 PST 2012

On 29/11/2012 07:45, Dan Xu wrote:
> I have updated my fix accordingly and uploaded it to webrev at 
> Please take a 
> review. Thanks!
> -Dan
Thanks for the update.

I see you've removed the protected constructors from Abstract* and the 
public constructors from *FileSystemProvider, I assume you didn't mean 
to do that.

In the getFileSystemDetector methods then I assume that 
System.getProperty("") needs to be done in a privileged block, 
otherwise Files.probeContentType will not work with a security manager.

I think the MagicFileTypeDetector looks fine.

MimeTypesFileTypeDetector looks better now that it encapsulates just one 
mime.types files. I think it needs a bit of clean-up though, the main 
issues seems to be that loadMimeTypes is not synchronized and there are 
several potential problems if implProbeContentType is invoked by more 
than one thread at around the same time. Also point is that the previous 
mails I thought that testing the extension would be case sensitive only 
on Linux and Solaris.

So overall I think we are a step closer on this.


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