anyone using AsynchronousDatagramChannel?

Michael Tague tague at
Sun Dec 29 11:26:31 PST 2013


In a previous posting by Alan Bateman in 2010 said:

	We're thinking of removing AsynchronousDatagramChannel (it provides an 
	asynchronous channel for datagram-oriented sockets). This channel was 
	included in the API for consistency reasons. It's not needed for 
	scalability reasons. The implementation of this channel isn't up to 
	scratch (it's a prototype implementation), the spec needs a bit of work, 
	and there is testing work to do it. There are many other more important 
	things to get done and there’s no reason why we can't bring it back, say 
	in jdk8. So I'm interested to know if anyone is actually using it? I 
	think it's only been mentioned once on this list.


I would just like to say: I am!   And I would like to.   Unless I’ve missed it, it doesn’t appear to have made it into JDK 8.

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