anyone using AsynchronousDatagramChannel?

Michael Tague tague at
Sun Dec 29 23:00:20 PST 2013

Well yes.   I am implementing a communications module.  An object that is
part of a larger set of applications.   The module communicates to other
modules of the same kind using UDP.  The communications can be between
programs running on one system, between two systems, or between two systems
separated by a distance across the Internet.  This is actually a new version
of an existing module with a number of new features one of which is the
ability to communicate with another end-point via two or more paths for
redundancy.   In addition, one end acting as server can communicate with
dozens, even hundreds, of other systems - locally or at a distance.


Any given module may have as few as one UDP port open to a few dozen to a
few hundred.   I was getting ready to implement this as a classic one thread
per UDP port sitting blocked waiting for receipt of data on a given port.
Each thread doesn't do very much: just receives the data and queues it for
some other thread in the module to handle.


I was looking around to see if NIO or NIO.2 had anything that might simplify
this task.   Java asynchronous IO where I don't have to create a thread for
each port and in fact can use an automatically created pool of threads to
handle any scale up in volume seemed to be just the right tool for the job.


I saw the comments that it was pulled from JDK 7, but might make JDK 8 as
hopeful as JDK 8 seems to just around the corner.   


Does my description sound like it would be the right tool?   


I'm surprised that others would not also find it valuable.   Of course,
there is a chicken and egg problem: if it doesn't exist, it is hard to tell
how popular it might be?    This seems to be the right kind of thing for any
high volume UDP traffic. 





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On 29/12/2013 19:26, Michael Tague wrote: 



In a previous posting by Alan Bateman in 2010 said:


        We're thinking of removing AsynchronousDatagramChannel (it provides
        asynchronous channel for datagram-oriented sockets). This channel
        included in the API for consistency reasons. It's not needed for 
        scalability reasons. The implementation of this channel isn't up to 
        scratch (it's a prototype implementation), the spec needs a bit of
        and there is testing work to do it. There are many other more
        things to get done and there's no reason why we can't bring it back,
        in jdk8. So I'm interested to know if anyone is actually using it? I

        think it's only been mentioned once on this list.
I would just like to say: I am!   And I would like to.   Unless I've missed
it, it doesn't appear to have made it into JDK 8.

There hasn't been any interest since then so we haven't re-visited it. Have
a specific usage in mind?



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