Path -> URI -> Path round trip fails for lazily created zip file systems

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Dec 30 13:23:41 PST 2013

On 30/12/2013 18:38, Xueming Shen wrote:
> The spec does not appears to care where the new file should be 
> created. I would take this
> as an implementation details.  Either way is fine, but inside 
> ZipFileSystem's constructor
> would be more "convenient", personally.
The spec has to allow for very varied provider implementations so this 
is why it is up to the implementation whether FileSystemProvider#getPath 
can create the FileSystem or not. There will be cases where the 
FileSystem is just a mirror to a remote file system for example. In any 
case, for the zip provider then I agree, it would be best for it to be 
created by the constructor (and have FileSystemProvider#getPath fail 
with FileSystemNotFoundException if it does not exist).


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