possible NIO selector leak in 7u25

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Jul 4 11:53:15 PDT 2013

On 04/07/2013 19:43, David M. Lloyd wrote:
> XNIO uses Selectors (usually PollSelectorImpls) which are cached per 
> thread in order to mix blocking and non-blocking I/O.  If you are 
> starting many short-lived threads and doing blocking operations on 
> XNIO channels then this might explain what is happening.  The answer 
> is basically "don't do that".
When you say "usually PollSelectorImpls" then it normally run with it 
configured to use the poll based Selector?

BTW: Sean Coffey mailed me off-list so say that he tried the original 
support/customer test case that lead to 7118373 and confirms that it 
doesn't duplicate with 7u25.

Anyway, it would be good to hear more from Bernd to know if this 
duplicates with 7u40 or 8. Also interesting to know if this is a case of 
lots of short-lived threads doing timed reads on socket adapters (which 
was the motive for replace this part of the implementation in 8).


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