Any native WatchService implementation planned on Mac OS X for JDK9?

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Sat Aug 9 00:19:20 UTC 2014

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> In any case, if there's something to test already, I'm happy to try it out.  If not, it would be helpful to know if it's planned for a specific JDK9 build because current workarounds all have big shortcomings.

You don't specify what kind of native implementation you are looking for? Just something non-polling?
Not official for any java but I attempted a kqueue based WatchService on OS X as part of my trz package mentioned below.
It passed the basic tests included with the nio2 distribution but didn't pass the LotsOfEvents one.
At some point the test went into a wait to allow the WatchService to process more events. Unfortunately for my implementation when it went into this wait kqueue also went into a wait, processing no more additional events. When that wait timed out, the test failed because it had not processed enough events and hadn't received anymore. Interestingly at that point, after the exception, kqueue resumed pumping events. So the java itself waiting seemed to stop the whole thing. 
Where I left it as best I remember. Probably pretty messy after one or two attempts to debug. Basic tests might not even pass now.
I thought about fudging the test to handle the waiting differently but it didn't really seem right that this should be necessary for my implementation.

I'm more interested in machine learning these days. Kaggle competitions for one thing, a nice level playing field, no fudging needed.

But maybe if one more person indicated an interest I'd consider that a 'clamor' and get back into this one more time. FSEvents was another possibility as I remember for an implementation I was going to try. Might not have the kqueue problems.

Michael Hall

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