Any native WatchService implementation planned on Mac OS X for JDK9?

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Sat Aug 9 22:19:09 UTC 2014

On Aug 9, 2014, at 4:57 PM, Christopher Brown <christopherbrown06 at> wrote:

> If there are licencing issues, maybe a standalone watcher would be enough?  Looking at the command line you used, I get the impression that you had to reimplement a significant par of the API (Paths and stuff) for this service (and other Mac-specific stuff).

Not to avoid any licensing concerns. 

You need to provide your own FileSystemProvider or you can't use your own implementations for any of these things. At this point, TRZ is mostly a whole lot of different mac specific file attribute related . Finder api's, launch services api's, etc. That and the WatchService related. I didn't need to reimplement Path since you basically start out with a pass through provider that calls the usual platform code for everything. Then you can replace what you want.

So, you could split the the WatchService related out. Have a version where you use the usual code for most things but override the polling WatchService. 

However, for most of the file attribute related I could pattern the code after nio.2 sample code. There was nothing anyhow that I remember doing that seemed like a major license issue. WatchService was more complicated and I used more actual lightly modified java code to avoid having to reinvent sort of complex wheels. That is where the licensing concerns might be.
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