JDK-8034057 java 9 only?

Seán Coffey sean.coffey at oracle.com
Tue Aug 18 20:43:21 UTC 2015


No hard reasons why JDK-8034057 is not in earlier updates. It probably 
boils down to resources. After all, JDK 9 is a mechanism for new bug 
fixes. Since this doesn't look like a compatibility change for older JDK 
families, I think it's suitable for porting. If you've got commit 
rights, you can go ahead and follow process for pushing to jdk8u-dev. 
Otherwise I or other colleagues can certainly assist in getting this fix 
into 8u-dev.


On 18/08/2015 20:39, Robert Muir wrote:
> We've had reports from customers that are caused by
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8034057
> Apparently its not that uncommon of a configuration to SUBST windows
> drive letters (like a locally mapped drive)?
> Just curious if there is any reason fixes are held back to java 9?
> Otherwise we are forced to hang on to some pretty ugly workarounds for
> some time, as it tends to break applications completely.
> Thanks,
> Robert

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