[PATCH] 8153925: WindowsWatchService hangs on GetOverlappedResult and locks directory

Alex Kashchenko akashche at redhat.com
Mon May 2 19:49:18 UTC 2016

On 05/02/2016 08:23 PM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 26/04/2016 11:19, Alex Kashchenko wrote:
>> Please review the updated webrev for jdk8u-dev repo -
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~akasko/jdk8u/8153925/webrev.01/
>> Patch is changed to skip CancelIo call.
>> Test is rewritten to be closer to LotsOfCancels test and included into
>> webrev.
> The updated patch to WindowsWatchService looks good.
> I've re-based the patch against jdk9/dev because all changes that aren't
> JDK 8 update specific are required to be fixed in JDK 9 first. Once it
> has a baked for a bit then we can look to get it approved for jdk8u-dev.
> The updated test looks much better too but could do with a few small
> changes to bring it closer in style to the existing tests. Timeouts can
> be problematic sometimes, esp. when running tests concurrently but here
> I can we can just wait for the tasks to complete without any timeout One
> minor point is that there is no need to register for OVERFLOW.
> Here's the updated webrev with the changes to the test (no changes to
> your patch to WindowsWatchService). If you are okay with this then I
> push it to jdk9/dev.
>    http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alanb/8153925/webrev/

Updated test looks fine to me, I checked that it reproduces the problem 
in the same environment.



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